Monday, January 14, 2013

The Great Early 2013 List, Stuff of Legends

Ah, lists, how I have loved and hated thee throughout the years. I've got friends who swear by lists and are very good at making them and sticking to them ('sup, Kristin?! :D) but in my case I'm simply good at making them and then forgetting to cross things off them. However, once I've written something down, it does become a lot easier for me to collect my thoughts and recall what I actually need to do. Without further ado, here is my Giant List of Stuff I Need To Do as of right now. This is made, obviously, mostly for me, but I do feel it's good to share it so people know what's on my mind, more or less.

I. Katsucon

  • FF Tactics Female Samurai costume
    • Make hakama overalls
    • Sew bolero together (including white silk trim)
    • Modify gloves when they arrive
    • Style wig
    • Make forehead protector
    • Touch up katana
    • Already purchased: all needed fabrics, wig, shoes, tabi, katana.
    • Still need to purchase: Shoes? I might have already though
  • Lina Inverse
    • Modify red tunic and leggings
    • Shoulder pauldrons: create first, attach to cape. 
    • Pauldron accessories: lots of xmas ornaments, the vuvuzela things
    • Gloves: need gem accessories and cuffs added in
    • Boots: paint white, add cuff
    • Wig: minimal styling needed, just need to put bangs in & slap the headband on it
    • Already purchased: wig, boots, gloves
    • Need to purchase: plastic xmas ornaments in various sizes, red & blue spray glass paint (my can is cashed), vinyl for pauldrons (can possibly use pleather from Elly costume if enough left over), tunic & leggings set, white accents for shirt
  • Emeralda
    • Make red tunic top and culotte...things. 
    • Make mantle
    • Make stirrup bootcovers; will go over my black suede larp boots that i love
    • Style wig. Need to put in some spiky tufts and cut the whole thing shorter
    • Modify corset belt
    • Already purchased: wig, boots, zentai suit (sigh), orange makeup, fabric & patterns for outfit + bootcovers. May also possibly have fabric for the mantle
    • Need to purchase: corset belt, buckle accessories, possibly mantle fabric
  • Princess Bubblegum (for rave)
    • Remake jacket (just alter a non-stretch pink one)
    • Possibly remake dress. Current one is strapless and also meh
    • Fix up wig
    • Need either pink boots or to finish the bootcovers I have. 5 below has pink rainboots, remember this. Could also alter my old pair of white boots
    • Experiment with makeup. Either need to get the light pink Kryolan stuff or see if a dusting of blush will work fine, probably b/c it's for a rave
  • Miscellany
    • Need to buy: makeup remover wipes, various shoe pads, a couple of the 24 hour Rimmel foundations in lighter colours

II. Commissions

  • Elly for Angela
    • Need to finish fitting the dress & make the lining for it
    • Glove...things.
    • Bootcovers
    • Need to see if Angela has gotten a wig yet. Arda's Delilah in Pumpkin would be perfect.
    • Already purchased: all black & white fabrics, shoulder ornament accents
    • Need to purchase: Boots (I think Angela is getting these), wig, black gloves
  • Cloak for Micha
    • Needs to be done by SimTerra
    • Have the pattern, trim, and half of the needed black knit
    • Need to buy: closure, silver faux dupioni trim, possibly bias tape
    • ALSO need to examine the original cloak to see how the gusset was done. Probably shirtweight interfacing or felt on a triangle of twill.
  • Crowley's new Hastings costume
    • No set deadline; would like to get him at least the pants and top by the March event
    • Need to go through my fabric stash to see if I have enough muslin for the top
    • Use the extra $50 he set aside to make it a little flashier. Maybe real leather for the cape? Gauntlets? Pouches? Not sure.
  • Suzyn's Harry Potter teacher costume
    • Due in May
    • Still in the planning stages. Need to review the stuff she sent me and get back to her
  • Rose's Sansa costume
    • Lots of sewing already done
    • Need to finish the dress & add the details
    • Need to purchase: wigs. Will do this when I can afford it, as this is a gift
  • Nik's fake hakama & real hakama
    • Fake hakama to be completed asap. Real hakama to be worked on with no deadline whatsoever
    • Need to get his inseam measurement
    • Possibly have enough fabric on hand for these already, but not sure. Definitely don't have enough for the real hakama, but that is an experimental side project.
    • Will use my indigo hakama from kendo as a guideline for the real hakama
  • Other stuff
    • Need to BE VIGILANT ABOUT CHECKING EMAILS. Stay on top of it, dude.
    • Work out a better organization system, both in the sewing room and online. Need to print out and file peoples' order forms.
    • Keep facebook updated. Need to really focus on taking progress shots
    • Get the etsy store up and running. After Katsucon, make a bunch of wrap pants and harem pants and list them for quick sales. This will also help me clean out my giant fabric stash and those pants are so easy for me to make.
    • Also need to get photoshoots of more of my larp costumes (Thraggak especially). 
    • Possibly make dresses/shirts I've always wanted to try making in a few sizes, see if they sell
    • Finish up Drew's coat and a jin-baori for Kevin. So close to being done, and then more examples of what I can do for pics

III. Household

  • Get together with Mom asap to get flooring all finished. Estimate is done, just need to get together with her for payment
  • Basement. Wall. Fixed. Or. Else.
  • Update calendars for this year & hang them up
  • Need to touch up paint everywhere. It sucks, but I gotta.
  • Bedroom
    • Laundry situation. Probably best to devote a week to doing no other chores except for finally getting all of the laundry properly wrangled
      • this means Kevin needs to assemble the shelves in the closets. Start in the closet, and work outward. it will get easier, you know this.
    • Put the folding desks up on the walls
    • Move the furniture appropriately; vanity back where it belongs, dressers near the door with the mirror between them for a dressing area; set up the reading area near the windows (Craigslist furniture, ahoy!); get a new dog bed with a smaller profile; look for some kind of long cabinet so I can do my crazy thing and pick out a week's worth of outfits all at once
  • Other bedrooms
    • After flooring is done, it's time for a major culling of the stuff that's in them
    • hang leaf shelves up in green room
    • organize both closets into larp closets; try to keep them all in one room if possible
    • guest room needs to be painted and furnished; library theme. will move most of the books up there. you know what you want it to look like, just don't forget
  • Upstairs hallway
    • Need to decide on a nice neutral to paint the halls/stairwells. White is too bright/unfinished; maybe a light grey of some kind? not sure.
  • Main floor
    • Not too much here. Eventually replace the 2 white chairs in the living room with sturdier models (those ikea chairs you like are fine). Get more decorations, like a paper screen, eventually a new dining room table, etc. 
  • Basement
    • Focus focus focus on the bed couches. It will be glorious.
    • Again, the wall needs to be fixed. Once it is, the closet under the stairs can be better organized, and everything else will fall into place.
    • Move most of the books upstairs to the library room. Keep a few fun ones out though.
    • Need a new entertainment center, with shelves under it. the world market one is great. Move the DVDs from the wall shelf to this, and then use the wall shelf + some of those ikea metal wall shelves to make a manga area. All of my manga should fit there.
    • Don't forget the cabinet under the wall shelves. Make use of the space you have.
    • Bathroom needs a mirror and eventually new lights
    • Ceiling fan needs to go; need an overhead light to replace it.
    • The sewing room....yeah, you know. Would eventually like a bookshelf/desk combo for the far wall. Also need another light in there. Maximize storage. Get one of those standing laundry carts like Kristin has; keep it in the laundry room & put all completed costumes in there. this will free up the closet for stuff in progress as well as large prop storage. No more horrible crowding mess.
  • Outside
    • Still need to get the azalea bushes out front & the pine tree removed. Sooner rather than later
    • Need to plan the garden; seeds need to be started in February.
  • Windows replaced? Eventually? Idk.
  • Fence eventually? I hope so. Really, really need one.

IV. Personal Goals

  • Kendo
    • Keep it up, mang. You can actually do this
    • Do your homework, every day. Suburi doesn't take long and it feels great.
    • Need to purchase the shoaizome uniform asap
    • Keep working on your Bogu fund! Remember to ask people to contribute to that for your bday. It will be at least $800...sigh.
    • When you've got this down, start trying out the gym. Need to get stronger, and fast
  • Health
    • Need to see: a gyno regularly, a dentist, a dermatologist, the orthopaedist. maybe need to start at the allergist's again, you can probably actually do it now.
    • Keep on being less of a jerk to yourself. You're getting better.
  • Financial
    • Crush that credit card debt that trickled back in. It will take time, but you can do it.
    • Keep up with the car payments
    • Be as thrifty as possible while still moving forward. Try selling shoes/wigs/old costumes again. Focus mostly on making commissions your income
    • Make it clear to De Shazos that if I am working on call, I need to have a few days of advance notice. Yes, it seems easier to make $40 by signing a bunch of stuff, but if you could work on commission stuff that day instead, it might not be worth it. Keep good relations with them but don't let Diane bully you into doing more than expected.

...WHEW!!!! Goodness that's long. That'll do, self. That'll do.

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  1. Upstairs hallway
    Need to decide on a nice neutral to paint the halls/stairwells. White is too bright/unfinished; maybe a light grey of some kind? not sure.


    My Mom was waffling between painting our family room either a yellow or a cream when she remodeled. We ended up going with yellow to complement the blue couches, and the effect is really warm whether it's lit up with sunlight or ceiling lights.